MRVL Refresh System
(Ages 20-35)

Recommended Regimen

Follow the MRVL Refresh System regimen each morning and evening. Best results are achieved with consistent daily use.


Apply Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum to a cleansed face and wait 3-5 minutes to allow this ultra-powerful concentrate to infuse your skin.

Next, apply Hydra Filling Cream containing Hyaluronic Acid and Blue Scorpion Peptide™ to boost your skin’s hydration and help keep it supple throughout your day.


Apply Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum to a cleansed face and wait 3-5 minutes for this ultra-powerful concentrate to infuse your skin. 

Next, apply Moisturizing Recovery Cream with its antioxidant infusion of Arnica Flower extract and Blue Scorpion Peptide™ to soothe your skin and help reduce the signs of skin damage.

★ Tip: Individuals with oily or acne prone skin or signs of premature aging should use Absolute Wrinkle Correction Cream with advanced Retinol delivery up to 3 evenings per week in lieu of Moisturizing Recovery Cream. The ultra-powerful combination of Retinol and Blue Scorpion Peptide™ provides the best tools to fight the symptoms of acneic skin and visible signs of aging.


Apply the Instant Detox Mask 1-2 evenings per week to draw out toxins and fight bacteria.

  • Gently massage the mask onto a cleansed face and neck. Avoid contact with your eyes and mouth.
  • Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse well with lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry.

Apply Hydra Filling Cream to supplement and retain your skin’s hydration throughout the night.

★ Tip: Oily or acne prone skin: Use the mask 2-3 evenings per week to prevent acne. During periods of breakout, the Instant Detox Mask may be applied up to 4 times per week to fight bacteria and absorb blackhead-causing dirt and excess sebum.