“I have been using the MRVL beauty creams for approximately 3 months. I am completely blown away by the results I have seen from the products. My wrinkles are less visible and my face is much firmer. I highly recommend MRVL.”
–Denise W, 56, Orlando, Florida
“Why am I only discovering this now? The anti-aging serum has made my skin silky-smooth and has evened-out my skin tone.  Everyone is asking me if I have changed my make-up foundation. What they don’t know is that I’m not even wearing any thanks to MRVL Skincare!”
–Elaine, 43, Oakville, Ontario
“I was skeptical that MRVL was just more hype like all the other failed products I’ve tried. But finally, I found the real deal. After just a few weeks of using the Serum and Retinol, people actually noticed the difference! It worked so well that I started using the Moisturizing Recovery Cream on my sun-damaged arms and that’s working too! Now, everyone wants to know what I’m doing and where they can get it.”
–Janet, 58, Melbourne Beach, Florida
“MRVL, could you make a ton of this stuff so I can just soak in a whole tub of it?! I need it for my entire body so it will look as good as my face does now. ;-) Thanks for a great product!”
–Marian, 61, Viera, Florida
“I’m amazed at the new face products by MRVL! I’ve been searching for years for a product with great results. My daughter and I are both using the MRVL face creams and love the anti-aging and moisturizer benefits. It’s hard to believe the results we are getting, having different skin types. I highly recommend this face cream to everyone.”
–Andrea P, 55, Clermont, Florida
“People always compliment me, saying how young I look! I like the way it quickly absorbs in my skin.”
–Sally, 87, Ventura, California
“I was introduced to the MRVL Blue Scorpion Peptide products this summer, and I’ve been using them religiously ever since. The Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum is my absolute favorite. It goes on so smoothly and has an immediate cool, gentle, clean, moisturizing feel without feeling heavy. After 2 months of using twice daily, I’ve noticed that my skin is smoother, softer, and noticeably brighter with an even texture. I use the Hydra Filling Cream on top of the serum twice a day for extra moisture. It is also light, but leaves my skin fully hydrated under my daily sunscreen and makeup. It even helps my makeup go on smoother with a more natural blend and glow. The Retinol (Absolute Wrinkle Correction Cream) is a fantastic addition to my nighttime routine. It tightens my skins and keeps my pores small, without drying out my face. The morning and evening routine with my MRVL is simple and effective. I can’t live without them now! Thank you, MRVL!!”
–Kellie Moore Lacamp, 47, Connecticut
“When my daughter first bought this for me, I was skeptical. I’ve used the same moisturizer for over 20 years and had never heard of MRVL Skincare before. After reading the reviews, I tried the Wrinkle Correction Cream and Serum.  My skin now speaks for itself. After only 2 weeks, my crow’s feet and laugh lines are almost invisible!”
–Christina, 59, Toronto, Ontario
“After several weeks of using the product, I was shocked when everyone on Instagram began asking what I did to my skin or what procedure I had done. I can’t believe how much better my skin looks in only a few weeks.”
–John, 38, West Hollywood, California
“I can’t believe how soft and smooth my skin feels since I started using MRVL. I could tell a difference the very first time I used it, and it just keeps getting better. I’m hooked on the serum and hydra filling cream! I really love how my skin looks and feels.”
–Michelle W, 31, Palm Bay, Florida
“I've been using the blue scorpion venom creams, and I really like them. I can already see a change in the dark spots on my face and skin. Thanks for the products, I really like them.”
–Jim K, 57, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
“I love using MRVL! I noticed a drastic change in my skin once I hit my thirties, and I couldn’t find a cream that I really loved. After using MRVL for just a week, I noticed a drastic difference in the elasticity and brightness of my skin. I like to use the Hyaluronic Acid cream at night so the scorpion venom and acid slough away dead skin cells while I sleep. After I wash my face in the morning, I am ready to start my day with a clean palette to work with!”
–Adrienne, 32, Los Angeles, CA